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WPdeposit – Download Script Now

The WPdeposit plugin will help you run a monetary system on your wordpress website. It allows your users to deposit money on their account and spend them out on advertisement, subscription and other … It is pretty similar to the way envato marketplace members deposit money and buy items. The plugin will also provide tools to send money from a user account to another or admin options to edit deposits of a specific user.

While the WPdeposit plugin mainly focus on the crediting/debiting of the user account through multiple payment gateways and allows you to control the deposits of your user, it is the add-ons (advertisement, subscription, shop, … add-on, see our portfolio page) that will allow your users to spend out the money they deposited on their account.

Requires PHP5.3 or higher

WPdeposit demo video Submit a ticket Read documentation Read the developer guide


  • A deposit system of course
  • A complete administration panel to setup the deposit plugin.
  • Deposit history
  • Test mode option
  • Widget and shortcode that shows the balance of the user
  • Full developer guide to create your own module

Payment gateways

  • Paypal
  • Authorize.net
  • iDeal
  • BluePay
  • Manual bank payment
  • Support for WooCommerce (NOTE! WPdeposit offers an extra option on the Woocommerce checkout page. Woocommerce Payment gateways do not work with WPdeposit.)
  • More to come, we will pick the most requested first


Check our portfolio


A live demo is available at http://demo.uwebic.com/wpdeposit/ (login with username: demo and password: demo at http://demo.uwebic.com/wpdeposit/wp-login.php), make sure you have a test account for each of the payment gateways to test out the plugin before using real life money.


version 1.10.1 —- add bugfixes to woocommerce payment gateway integration. update deprecated user functions

version 1.10

Major restructuration Implemented GRUNT for js and css Add balance info on Woocommerce checkout page Some bug fixes (donation page, …)

version 1.9.8

Updated withdraw option

version 1.9.7

Fix draft_to_publish error when rewards are empty Fix problem where points will not be added when depositing Added an setting to specify a default payment option (needed for points conversion) Other Bug fixes & minor updates

version 1.9.6

Update missing translations + add labels of untranslated text Update extra rewards so users can edit and delete them Validation fix when updating user profile

Creator : uWebic

Soccer Engine WordPress Plugin – Download Script Now

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Soccer Engine WordPress Plugin – Best Scriptforest Download

Manage & Display Soccer Tournament right from your WordPress Site. Create Competition, Match, Team, Events in just no times.

Engage your visitors by providing them football match updates using our cool floating bar. Any resources ( competitions, rounds, matches, matchdays, teams, standings, top scorers, top assists ) can be displayed anywhere using Shortcode.

Soccer Engine WordPress Plugin


  • Clean and simple user interface
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Ultra Responsive !!!
  • Custom CSS
  • Floating Bar
  • Recent, Upcoming & Live Matches
  • Ajax Powered
  • Competitions rounds: create round for group match, qualification & anything else
  • Competition rules – set custom points for Win/Draw/Loose condition
  • Automatic Standing Table, Top Scorers, Top Assists using match data
  • Match Previews and Reports
  • Match Events – scorers, bookings, cards, penalties, substitutions, man of the match
  • Match/Tournament Floating Bar with customizable colors
  • Simple Shortcodes
  • Import/Export data using WordPress native imported
  • One Click Feed Import – import & maintain top 6 Global Soccer Tournaments from our server (requires active item support)
  • Automatic Plugin Updates – maintained regular plugin updates
  • Documentation & Supports
  • Translation Ready, WPML Compatible


Floating Bar

Floating bar provides a convenient way for your visitor to get engaged with recent match details & navigate through available tournaments. Soccer Engine WordPress Plugin

Completely Responsive !!

All of the templates are fully responsive. You can put them on widgets, content or within fixed elements, and templates will transform to fit within container properly

Soccer Engine WordPress Plugin

One Click Import !!

If you just want to host the most Popular Soccer information for you visitor, you can do so by simply importing the information with just a click.

Available Competition to import

  1. English Premier League
  2. Spanish Premier League
  3. German Bundesliga
  4. UEFA Champions League
  5. Italian Series A
  6. French Ligue 1

Soccer Engine WordPress Plugin

Clean Admin Dashboard

Soccer Engine WordPress Plugin

Edit/Manage Competition

Soccer Engine WordPress Plugin

Edit/Manage Match

Soccer Engine WordPress Plugin

Edit/Manage Team

Soccer Engine WordPress Plugin

Team Template

Soccer Engine WordPress Plugin

Happy Customers

Soccer Engine WordPress Plugin Reviews

Built-in Upgrader

The plugin comes with a built-in Upgrader. You don’t have to manually download and install the plugin updates. It’s easy as like upgrading a free WordPress plugin from wordpress.org repository.

Soccer Engine WordPress Plugin

Simple Shortcodes

  1. [wpse_competitions id=”comma separated competition ids” per_page=”number of matches to display in each load”] – Display Fixture, Result, Live Match, and Standing table for single or multiple competitions
  2. [wpse_competition id=”competition id”] – Output same as [wpse_competitions], except it’s only used for a single competition
  3. [wpse_matches competition=”comma separated competition ids” status=”fixture|result|cancelled|live” match=”comma separated match id”] – Display Matches by variaous attributes
  4. [wpse_standing id=”competition id” limit=”maximum number of teams to show” offset=”skip number of teams from top” team_id=”highlight a specific team and surroundings”] – Display Competition Standings Table.
  5. [wpse_team id=”team id” ] – Display Team Profile



Please contact through – http://w4dev.com/contact

Important note for existing Customers

We will be changing our Api server on next update 4.6.1. For that, you will have to delete all existing imported competitions, and re-import them from the new server. Sorry for that, but this will also include more statistics and fluent data updates. You will definitely love it.


  Version: 4.7 - September 26 - 2017  - New - Standing table columns can be ordered using "standing_columns" parameter name.  - New - [wpse_match_title title_meta_first="true"] - to display dates, competition name, round name on top of team/scores  - New - Display matches by date range. ex: [wpse_matches date_between="today 00:00, tomorrow 23:00" hide_more=1 per_page=9999]. Any date value that can be formatted with strtotime function is accepted.  Version: 4.5.9 - September 11 - 2015 - New Shortcode - [wpse_gamebox] - The static floating bar - Competition Rounds. - Automatic Standing table. - Automatic Top Scorers table. - New competition tab - Teams - Start with last open tab - Included Tinymce button - Standing table for League without creating fixtures. - Top scorer appearance and assistance. - Match player management. - Improved UI - Improved Plugin update feature.  Version: 4.5.8 - May 08 - 2015 -- New: Bar match click action - Modal or Redirect -- New: Auto/manual top scorers from match data. -- Fix: All translation were missing  Version: 4.5.7 - April 06 - 2015 -- New: Competition Top Scorer -- Improved: Bar template, color, responsiveness & smoothness  Version: 4.5.6 - March 24 - 2015 -- New: Suspension Point For Competition -- Improved: Single Match Page  Version: 4.5.5 - March 20 - 2015 -- New: Soocer Engine Admin Bar -- New: Shortcode [wpse_match] to display match card  Version: 4.5.4 - March 17 - 2015 -- Fix: Frontend Template content -- Fix: Imported Live Matches data  Version: 4.5.3 - February 18 - 2015 -- New: Frontend template content -- Fix: Competition table pagination -- New: Choose different language for front/back end  Version: 4.5.2 - February 13 - 2015 -- New: Matchday Shortcode. Usage - [wpse_competition_matchdays id=x]. -- New: Portugese Translations -- New: Display matches filtered by home/away teams  Version: 4.5 - January 20 - 2015 -- Improved: Importer, now competitions data import would work perfectly  -- New: When events are hidden, it can be viewed by clicking on the match row  -- New: Spanish Translation  -- Fix: Competition table action links  Version: 4.4.9 - January 15 - 2015 -- Fixed: Invalid date issue on imported competitions  Version: 4.4.7 - January 9 - 2015 -- New: Teams Dropdown -- New: Custom Styles -- New: Admin Support Page -- Improved: Admin UI  Version: 4.4.4 - December 12 - 2014 -- Improved: Now all shortcodes allow commong arguments -- New: Shortcode [wpse_team_form] to display current form of a team  Version: 4.4.3 - December 7 - 2014 -- Fixed: The toolbar don’t display more than 5 competitions -- Fixed: [wpse_team] shortcode don't display custom created teams statistics -- Improved: [wpse_team] shortcode to highlight a team  Version 4.4.2 - December 6 - 2014 -- Fixed: Standing Points -- New: Reorder soccer engine admin menu position -- Improved: Translation.  Version 4.4.1 - December 5 - 2014 -- New: Assign Win/loose/draw points -- Improved: Standing Shortcode. [wpse_standing limit=10 offset=5] -- Improved: Dashboard Filter. -- New: French Translation  Version 4.4 - December 3 - 2014 -- German & Italian translation included   Version 4.3 - December 2 - 2014 -- Auto upgrade imported competitions using cronjob.  -- Improved: Importer to run import process in chuck and update only 50 matches data per chunk.  Version 4.2 - November 30 - 2014 -- New: Tournament type competitions  Version 4.1 - November 22 - 2014 -- Fixed: Competition creation bug -- New: Drag & Drop bar competition ordering  Version 4.0 - October 17 - 2014 -- Improved: Now Native WordPress Importer will also import team logo, tournament logo. -- New: Team Template  Version 3.0 - October 14 - 2014 -- New: Match Events  Version 2.0 - October 11 - 2014  Version 1.0 - October 6 - 2014  

Creator : shazzad

Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode – Download Script Now Codecanyon

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Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode – Best Scriptforest Download

Modern and responsive “Coming Soon” and “Maintenance Mode” page with full-sized background image slideshow, countdown timer, 100+ social icons and AJAX-ed opt-in form (supports MailChimp, AWeber, GetResponse, iContact, Campaign Monitor and MyMail). This is ideal for people who WordPress website is coming soon, or if administrator is updating website with plugins, themes etc.


  • SEO-friendly: send correct HTTP-headers (503 Service Unavailable and Retry-After).
  • Responsive design: looks perfect on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.
  • Full-sized background image slideshow: slideshow powered by Backstretch.
  • Countdown timer: let your visitors know when you are ready.
  • 100+ social icons: slideshow powered by Mono Social Icon Font.
  • Modern Opt-in form: HTML5+CSS3 AJAX-ed opt-in form.
  • MailChimp supported: e-mails can be submitted to MailChimp through its API.
  • iContact supported: e-mails can be submitted to iContact through its API.
  • GetResponse supported: e-mails can be submitted to GetResponse through its API.
  • Campaign Monitor supported: e-mails can be submitted to Campaign Monitor through its API.
  • Aweber supported: e-mails can be submitted to Aweber through its API.
  • MyMail supported: e-mails can be submitted to MyMail.
  • Local database: e-mails are also collected in local database.
  • CSV Export: e-mails can be exported as CSV-file to be used with any newsletter systems.
  • White IPs: disable “Coming Soon” and “Maintenance Mode” for users with certain IPs.
  • White user roles: disable “Coming Soon” and “Maintenance Mode” for users with certain user roles.
  • Color customization: specify color of each element.
  • Handle administrators: “Coming Soon” and “Maintenance Mode” is always disabled for administrators.
  • Easy to install: install and activate the plugin like any other plugins.
  • Translation ready: plugin might be translated to any language.
  • WordPress Best Practices: no any alerts from Plugin Check or WP_DEBUG.


Please visit demo website and check out how it works.


  1. Install and activate the plugin like you do with any other plugins. Once activated, it will create a menu “Coming Soon” in left side column in the admin area.
  2. Click left side menu “Coming Soon >>> Settings”, configure plugin and save settings.
  3. Click left side menu “Coming Soon >>> Settings” and enable “Maintenance Mode” by clicking relevant button.

That’s it! Enjoy using the plugin.

Change Log

 [2015-02-26 - version 2.30 released] - Added option to set size of text elements. - Added option to disable text shadow. - Fixed problem with button in Firefox. - Minor bug fixed. 


If you have problems regarding using the plugin, please contact me and I’ll help you.

Creator : halfdata

Social SEO Facebook Responsive Timeline Feed – Best Premium Script

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Social SEO Facebook Responsive Timeline Feed – Premium Script Download

Social SEO Facebook Responsive Timeline Feed for WordPress

Use facebook as your news feed on your wordpress website. Grab the attention from your visitor and let them share your facebook posts to twitter, Google+, linkedin or lead them to your facebook account so they can follow you for more exposure.

Check out this video to find your username, check if it is a business page, and how to create a App ID and App Secret (token) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYMtjI_sZmE

Standalone PHP OOP class version can be found here

You can only use public pages. To test if your facebook page can be used try here https://developers.facebook.com/tools/explorer/ and change me in your facebook name or page ID.

Colors for the icons, fonts and links will be set from your theme which you are using so it looks like a native plugin. Two different layouts are possible and can be set in the admin.

All posts are set to rich snippets for better SEO

This plugin uses the JSON Graph API from facebook so you need an APP id and APP secret. Check out a small video how to get an APP ID and secret ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V97h03H21y0 )

Live preview real customers on my own website (custom cms) ,a pianotuning website or Amersfoort Jazz festival

Video demo on youtube

Works great on mobile phones and for the images it uses lazyload to speed things up
(when scrolling down the high res images will appear)
Also the json feed will be cached so it won’t slow down your website. The cache time can be set in the admin or with a shortcode


Minimum PHP version 5.3.0

Key Features

  • Colors are automatic (Links and icons) set based on your theme
  • Use your facebook as your news items for more exposure
  • Any facebook administrator can then update the facebook posts
  • Looks great on mobile devices
  • Plays inline youtube and facebook video’s (native html5)
  • Translate time in your own language
  • Auto readmore for long text
  • All post are set to rich snippets for better search engine optimalisation
  • Support Arabic, Persian and Hebrew languages (right to left)



Some reviews

“This is one of the best plugins I have purchased from Code Canyon. Very easy to install and set up…and it does exactly what it says it will do with no problems, errors, or conflicts.” – neruda

“I have been looking for this kind of plugin for so long…. Free plugins are not great, while some other paid plugins are too complicated. I just wanted the FaceBook feed and I have it. Plugin installed without issue and I like the fact that I was able to translate the wording into my language (http://my.cutecoolkids.com/sojef) Great plugin.” – michelgerard

“Works good, thank you! ” – Smoge

“great plugin awesome support” – myprintplus

“great plugin and great support !!.” – LucaPuggioniWebDesign

“This plugin is awesome! Very clean design and support was on it too. It doesn’t work for restricted pages in other Countries (at least out of the box) but I don’t know why we were restricting other Countries anyway. Great plugin experience for me personally.” – Seaside6


Social SEO Facebook Responsive Timeline Feed


Updated to api 2.10 (sep 28 2017)
Updated to facebook API 2.9 (jun 6 2017)
Updated to facebook API 2.8 and fixed missing image with shared event (apr 12 2017)
Version 2.1. Updated to facebook API 2.7 and changed the html5 video into the embedded facebook video player (oct 4 2016)
Version 2.0. Updated to facebook API 2.6 and changed the json call, improved rich snippets and added comments on comments (may 5 2016)
Fixed start stop youtube iframe and fixed ShowImages true or false (feb 23 2016)
Updated to facebook API 2.5 (jan 21 2016)
Updated to facebook API 2.4 (jul 30 2015)
Version 1.6 added share to facebook button. It checks for the facebook sharing if the post is a link, a video or an image (may 28 2015)
Version 1.5 Fixed if image in shared post does not exists and check if comments are empty (may 03 2015)
Version 1.4 Check if there are RTL characters (Arabic, Persian, Hebrew) then set dir="rtl" (apr 30 2015)
Version 1.3 Added soundcloud support, updated to API 2.3 and small bug fix facebook if posts are double  (apr 24 2015)
Version 1.2 Added option to remove the timeline (see third example Intrepid Travel on the demo) (mar 28 2015)
Version 1.1 Fixed loading highres images for facebook video's (mar 09 2015)
Version 1.1 Updated API to 2.2 and updated settings text (febr 11 2015)
Version 1.1 Removed js and css from the admin pages (nov 30 2014)
Added css word-wrap for long links (nov 29 2014)
Added debug for facebook url testing, see admin help tab (nov 11 2014)
First 1.0 release (sep 28 2014)

Creator : ceasar

jQuery Website Tour for WordPress – Premium Script Download

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jQuery Website Tour for WordPress – Free Download Script

All support is handled through our online Help Center Like us on FacebookFollow us on TwitterAdd us to your circles on Google+Follow us on EnvatoGet the latest from RightHere

Have you ever wished there was an easy way to guide your visitors through different features of your website? We have now made it easy for you to create a “Tour” of any part of your website!

This plugin allows you to create multiple tours on your website with jQuery. This can be very useful if you want to explain your users the features of your website in an interactive way. You can create tours that are spanning over multiple pages and link tours together. Easily add your tour slides with our “point-and-click-interface”.

If you have our Pages by User Role plugin you can choose which User Roles that can view each of the Website Tours you create. Choose between 6 different color schemes for your tours.

You can try the jQuery Website Tour plugin your self before you decide whether to buy it.

Simply use the following login details

Username: DemoUser
Password: TryMeNow


List of features

  • Create multiple tours
  • Create tours spanning multiple pages (posts)
  • Add tours with our easy point and click interface
  • Choose between 6 different color schemes; Grey, Black, Blue, Green, Red and Purple
  • Optional Auto Play Website Tour
  • Optional Overlay when displaying Website Tour
  • Easy Native WordPress interface
  • Optional Private and Public Tours: If you have our Pages by User Role plugin you can set which User Roles that will be able to see the different Website Tours.
  • Downloadable Content for all licensed users
  • Supports the following browsers; Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 3+, Google Chrome 4+, Opera 9+, Safari 4+


Version – July 18, 2016

    Bug Fixed: YES NO Options not working

  • Bug Fixed: Remove dependency issue. Plugin was requiring rhc shared library for certain parts.

Version – April 11, 2016

  • Compatibility Fix: Change classes where the constructor has the same name as the class to __construct (PHP 7 compatibility).
  • Bug Fixed: Broken navigation icons (fonts)

Version – March 3, 2015

  • Compatibility Fix: Tour interface hidden behind wp-admin menu (z-index)
  • Update: Updated interface
  • Update: Move scripts and styles to their correct hooks.
  • Bug Fixed: Editor does not display tooltips in the Add New Page admin screen.

Version 1.1.6 rev49769 – May 20, 2014

  • Compatibility Fix: On WordPress 3.9 the wp-admin menu is showing on top of the jQuery selector tool for adding tour slides.

Version 1.1.5 rev36710 – November 11, 2012

  • Bug Fixed: Mixed case username where not showing tour on BuddyPress profile page current_user_login tag.

Version 1.1.4 rev28938 – September 25, 2012

  • New Feature: uri wildcard parameter
  • Improvement: Support for uri wildcard /venues/% will match any venues i.e. /venues/texas-bar/ or /venues/grill-50/ etc.
  • Update: Options Panel updated to 2.0.5
  • Bug Fixed: Prevent crash when used with Calendarize it!
  • Bug Fixed: Removed php5.3 warnings
  • Update: Missing code for correct implementation of the current_user_login tag

Verion 1.1.3 rev23119 – March 22, 2012

  • New Feature: Allow current_user_login in the URI of a Tour, so that the same tour can be loaded dynamically for a URL based on the user logged in.

Version 1.1.2 rev14524 – December 19, 2011

  • Bug Fixed: Added CSS for RTL and bug fix related to RTL changes.

Version 1.1.2 rev13873 – December 18, 2011

  • Bug Fixed: RTL support
  • New Feature: Added jQuery to hide and show the admin bar when displaying the URI Selector

Version 1.1.1 rev7699 – August 9, 2011

  • Bug Fixed: Replaced a function that required WP 3.1
  • Bug Fixed: Under certain styles the control styles get overwritten

Version 1.1.0 rev6672 – July 12, 2011

  • New Feature: Added tour ID to tour list
  • New Feature: Disabled automatic control load with cookie and added option to disable automatic loading of tour control, redirect to tour uri, if loaded on a different uri
  • New Feature: Enable tour permalink, and redirect to tour uri when accessing a tour permalink
  • New Feature: Shortcode sitetour
  • New Feature: Shortcode sitetour_trigger
  • New Feature: Shortcode sitetour_button
  • New Feature: Overwrite autostart setting to allow button trigger tours that do not autostart on page load
  • New Feature: Spinning animation when sorting tour slides
  • Bug Fixed: Sliders not saving in Chrome and Safari
  • Bug Fixed: Admin show tooltip bug with jQuery 1.6
  • Bug Fixed: Replaced bad sorting implementation
  • Modified: New sliders are added to the end

Version 1.0.0 – July 3, 2011

  • First release

Creator : RightHere

Woocommerce Partial Orders – Premium Script Download

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Woocommerce Partial Orders – Download Script Now

Its not ideal to leave a customer waiting for their goods, and most online businesses realise this and will ship out goods as soon as they can.

However, if you run your store using Woocommerce, managing this can be a nightmare since there is no way to record which items in the order have been shipped and which ones haven’t. Not any more!

The Woocommerce Partial Orders plugin allows you to set each individual item in the order as shipped. The date it was marked will be stored so you know exactly when it was shipped, and the order status will be changed to Partially Completed so you can quickly and easily see which orders are not yet completed fully.


 1.2 - Oct 29th, 2014 ----------------------------- Feature: Send emails to customer notifying them of what has been shipped. Fix: Rewrote order status functionality for Woocommerce 2.2 Fix: Fixed unsafe script error in Chrome Fix: Rewrote bulk shipped status updates for order items Fix: Removed shipped status setting for delivery in order  1.1.1 - April 28th, 2014 ----------------------------- Fix: Fixed bug with plugins folder name  1.1 - April 23rd, 2014 ----------------------------- Feature: Set different quantities of order items as shipped Feature: History of previous quantities shipped of order item Feature: Automatically set all remaining quantities of order items as shipped Fix: Woocommerce 2.1 compatibility and bug fixes  1.0 - October 4th, 2013 ----------------------------- * Initial release 

Creator : Code-Ninjas

8 Degree Notification Bar Pro – Free Download Script

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8 Degree Notification Bar Pro – Best Scriptforest Download

8 Degree Notification Bar Pro is a premium WordPress plugin to enable you to display an engaging notification in your website. You can notify your website visitors about your new releases, offers, messages, news etc through notification in your website at the most effective way. The plugin is responsive and feature rich which is built up to simplify the user needs.

8 Degree Notification Bar Pro plugin allows you to create multiple notification bars, date wise and scheduled notification bars which can be customized highly and it also provides multiple notification bar templates with 10 Pre Designed templates and custom design features. Besides, it allows you to add various bar components such as social icons, email subscription form, contact popup form, twitter tweets and posts title. You can choose the bar visibility type(Sticky,Show after some time, Hide after some time) as per your choice. Not only that, it has more appealing features stored in for you. Get it now!

Check out all features below:

  • Multiple Notification bars
    • Page based notification bars
    • Date wise notification bars
    • Notification bars which will show from this to that date (Scheduled notification bars)
  • Notification bars 10 Pre Available Templates and custom design
  • Notification bars Left and Right Components
    • Add Social Icons
    • Static Content / Multiple Content Display
    • Email subscription form (Opt in Settings)
    • Third party such as mailchimp subscriptions form, Constant Contact Subscribe Form Integration
    • Twitter tweets fetch and display
    • Posts Title Display with read more link
    • Custom html codes
  • Notification Bar effects
    • Ticker with various configurations(duration, animation, speed)
    • Slider with various configurations(duration, animation, speed, auto)
    • Scroller (left, right direction) with Animation type as Reveal or fade.
  • Notification bars Custom Designs
    • Background color configurations
    • Google Fonts integration
    • Font size
    • Font color
    • Error message Font Color
    • Success Message Font Color
    • Button Text Color
    • Button Background Color
    • Read More Font Color
    • custom css
  • Notification bar position
    • Top
    • Top Absolute
    • Bottom
    • Left
    • Right
  • Notification bar visibility
    • Sticky (Always Show)
    • Show After some time
    • Hide after some time
  • Notification Bar Close button
    • Disable
    • Show/Hide option
    • User can Close
  • Notification Bar Settings
    • Enable/ Disable Notification Bar Pro Plugin
    • Default Notification bar (Choose Option)
    • Show Notification bar on all pages, specific posts/pages/custom posts or only on home page
  • Constant Contact and Mailchimp subscription Integration
    • Constant Contact and Mailchimp subscription Integration
    • Username, API Key, Token Key, Password
  • Opt In Subscribers Lists
    • List of all subscribers
    • Export As CSV.



We’ve detailed documentation which leaves you with no question. Find the plugin documentation here:


Update Logs:

We’ve updated new version. Find the details of changed version here:


Feature request:

Click here to submit feature request. It can also be used to notify bug .


Creator : 8DegreeThemes

Progress Map, List & Filter – WordPress Plugin – Free Download Script

Live Demo | Download


Progress Map, List & Filter – WordPress Plugin – Download Now

Progress Map, List & Filter is an extension of Progress Map WordPress Plugin. The “List & Filter” plugin allows you to switch “Progress Map” carousel to a list but this is not all, the plugin provides various powerful features that will boost up your site. The plugin provide an advanced search tool that allows to explore listings by applying multiple filters. You can filter using multiple taxonomy terms (categories) and/or multiple custom fields.

Beside the filter, the plugin provide another tool that allows to sort listings based on multiple orders. The sort tool is not limited to the default options (“A to Z”, “Z to A”, …) of the plugin, you can add unlimited custom options based on your custom fields (e.g. “sort by price”, “sort by surface”, etc …).

List items can be displayed as grid and/or list. Every element in the plugin can be adjusted from the settings pages. All actions are handled using AJAX. There are other features that i’ll let you discover yourself by trying the demo. Enjoy & have fun!

To use this plugin, you must install “Progress Map WordPress Plugin v3”!

Flag Counter


 02.06.2017 - version 2.2  - New: Possibility to filter posts based on a keyword term. "Search filter settings => Keyword filter". - New: Added option to enable/disable scrolling to an item in the list when its related marker on the map is clicked. "List items settings => Scroll to list item". - Fixed an issue where using a taxonomy with the filter fields "Number", "Range slider" & "Single slider" returns an error. - Removed the filter field type "Datepicker" that was added by mistake. This field type is still under developement! - Added missing strings to "WPML string translation"  
 22.05.2017 - version 2.1  - New: Possibility to filter posts by publish date. "Search form settings => Posts Publish Date Parameters". - New: Possibility to change the display order of the filter fields. "Search filter settings => Filter fields display order". - New: Possibility to change the display order of the sort options. "Sort options settings => Default Sort Options | Sort options settings => Sort options display order". - New: Added a new field that allows sorting posts using different custom field types. "Sort options settings => Custom Sort Options => Custom field type". - Fixed an issue where it wasn't possible to filter posts that have specific terms using the operator parameter "AND". 
 16.05.2017 - version 2.0  - New: Possibility to create unlmited number of filters. Each filter can be used with a map from "Progress Map". - New: Possibility to change the order of the taxonomies and taxonomy terms in the filter. - New: Possibility to exclude and/or to include specific taxonomy terms in the filter - New: Possibility to change the order of the custom fields and custom field values in the filter. - New: Possibility to change the order of the sort options. - New: Possibility to display the filter buttons in the top, bottom or both positions of the filter. - New: Possibility to hide the filter form on page load. - Rebuilt the plugin from the ground up to make it compatible with "Progress Map v3".  Note: You must watch the following videos before your update to v2:  - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7jJBqU6FNIo  - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hFoSCi6aFI 
 16.03.2017 - version 1.2  - Added an option to display the filer buttons on the top of the filter form. Available on "List & filter => Search filter settings => Filter buttons position"  - Added possibility to translate the default sort options using the .pot file. - Fixed an issue with the count of the number of posts related to a custom field in the filter. - Fixed an issue where the taxonomies and custom fields were not removed from the admin section "List & filter => Search filter settings". - Fixed an issue wehere the scroll was not working. 
 20.12.2016 - version 1.1  - New: Added options to disable links on the list images & titles. Available on "List & Filter => List Items Settings". - New: Added the possibility to change the zoom level when a user clicks on button to view the list item on the map. Available on "Progress Map => Carousel settings => Map Zoom". - New: Possibility to order the terms in the faceted search using the hooks "cspml_filter_terms_orderby" and "cspml_filter_terms_order". - Fixed some issues where displaying multiples maps & lists on the same page produces errors. - Fixed an issue where adding HTML tags on the posts content breaks the layout. - Fixed an issue when hidding posts with no coordinates. - fixed an issue in the CSS to prevent conflicts with other themes and/or plugins. 

Creator : codespacing

Infinite Ajax Scroll Woocommerce – Best Code Download

Live Demo | Download


Infinite Ajax Scroll Woocommerce – Download Script Now

This plugin will change the default behavior of woocommerce pagination and it will add ajax methods. There are build in 3 different methods of pagination.


Three Ajax Pagination options available

1) Infinite scrolling
2) Infinite scrolling with pagination
3) Simple ajax pagination

History push state support (SEO friently). Watch the url to change while you scrolling. Navigate back and forth to products will leave you in the correct page. Remove frame to see this in action OR check this demo url.
Masonry/Isotope layout support
No more waiting for the next page
Plug and play. Just install and enjoy.
You can upload your own preloader icon.
You can choose how much products you want the server to get on window load.
Choose you own selectors in case you have a themed version of woocommerce.
Cross browser support: The plugin is a lightweight script which should work on any major browser (and also in mobile).

This plugin does not create pagination for you products but it uses the pagination you already have. So before use this plugin make sure that you have pagination in the page you want to use it.


V.1.4 (30/11/2015)

[Update] Added history push state support  [Update] Added masonry/isotope support (BETA)  [Update] Bug fixes  

V.1.3 (21/07/2015)

[Update] Added option to begin loading next page results before reach the end of scroll.  [Update] Bug fixes including language bugs and wrapper problems with some themes.  

V.1.2 (12/12/2014)

[Update] Added animate to top in simple ajax pagination.  [Update] Minor bug fixes.  

V.1.1 (7/11/2014)

[Update] Simple ajax pagination included.  [Update] Load More button 20+ animations added.  

Creator : pantrif

WordPress Popups Plugin – Best Premium Script

Live Demo | Download


WordPress Popups Plugin – Download Script Now

You know those annoying popup boxes that appear when you open a website?

Now you have the chance to have one on your website!

Even if you need a banner, a image, a video, an iframe, our plugin supports it all!

It’s very easy to use and very useful!

You have the following settings:

  • Display only for ip: Configure settings on a local workstation. If you are in development mode, the pop-up is showed only for the workstation (ip) you set: When you’re ready just delete/empty this field and your popup will be visible to everybody.
  • Box width & height
  • Show Pop-up Only On: Homepage / Single Page / Category Page / Custom ID / All pages
  • Content Type: Image / Video / Iframe / HTML
  • Display settings: Display only once. Display only once on same session for each user. Default: ON
  • Fade Opacity: Background opacity, between 0 – 1 (0.8 default)
  • Fade Background url: Background image for fade layer overlay (default: wp-content/plugins/smart-pop-up/frontpage/images/pattern.png)
  • FadeIn Time: Feedback pop-up box and fade overlay fade IN time in milliseconds (1000 = 1 second) (default: 300)
  • FadeOut Time: Feedback pop-up box and fade overlay fade OUT time in milliseconds (1000 = 1 second) (default: 300)
  • PopUp autoclose: Popup Box auto-closes seconds timer (10 = 10 seconds). Default: 20

Creator : AA-Team